Waste Management

Beyond Waste Disposal

"Waste Less and More Profit"

When you come to waste disposal, you deserve a dependable partner. With 15 years of experience in Waste Management and Recycling industry, EcoSage with the registered trademark of Recycle E ® is your right partner providing you with Waste Management and Sustainability Service in facilitating you and your business become more sustainable.

Rather than only disposing of your waste, we work with you and your team to design, develop and implement a wide range of customized solutions that adapt to your evolving sustainably needs. Together, we’ll create a "Waste Less Roadmap" that moves our Business customer beyond waste disposal, our Chartered Waste Manager and analytic team will direct your company toward the goal of sustainability by close collaboration with various stakeholders and innovative solutions to generate less waste but increase business profit. 

Recycling Solution

Household Recycling Solution

Looking for household recycling information? 

Our first Hong Kong Recycling chatbot will guide you to obtain your customized recycling solution such as what, where and how to recycle. With just a simple tap, you can find out the recycling facilities nearby.


Business Recycling Solution

Looking for recycling information? 

Understanding that your business is unique and your needs is complex, more than a recyclable collection service, EcoSage is expertise in helping you create a customized recycling plan that's specific to your needs, environmental goals and budget.  

How Waste Less RoadMap Works?

Waste Disposal

EcoSage, work in partnership with an extensive range of industry partners, we offer a full and customizable set of waste disposal services and organize the complete procedure for you.

  1. Commercial and Industrial Waste Disposal; 

  2. Hazardous Waste Collection and Treatment; 

  3. Food Waste Collection; 

  4. Waste Facility Supplier to our customers. 

Rather than waste disposal, our Chartered Waste Manager can create a "Waste Less Roadmap" which is an advanced Waste Management Service for our business customers. The "Waste Less Roadmap" addresses the root causes of your waste generation, and subsequently achieving the goal of Waste Less by a systematic and data driven framework in the long run. 

Waste Audit & Monitoring

Waste auditing and waste monitoring are key aspects of any waste management strategy. 

Waste audit is a key tool in measuring performance against waste plans, waste strategies and set targets. Our waste audit service can help you to identify areas of potential cost savings, efficiency improvements and compliance.

Waste Monitoring is essential for reviewing effectiveness and sustainability of waste management programs. It ensures continued conformance to regulations and ratings standards. EcoSage can provide detailed reports of the things you want to understand.

Waste Management Consultant

EcoSage, in additional to the waste management and recycling service, our group of experts and partners also have strong foundation in information technology, research capability, engineering and sustainability specialists. Together with our in depth behavioral science knowledge, we focus on providing practical advice and tool development, designed to influence human behavior to waste less and towards sustainable. 

EcoSage have the right skill sets to address waste management and sustainability issues in your company, and help you to define proper objectives and goals.

  • Developing zero waste supply chain management

  • Establishment of regional waste and recycling cluster

  • Evaluating packaging recyclability

  • Incentive based community recycling approach 

  • Using behavioral insights to improve recycling  

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