IT Asset Disposition

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is disposal of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. It is crucial to streamline the process of IT asset disposition for utilizing risk management, minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses.


How ITAD Works?

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Secure Data Destruction

Technology is evolving rapidly; simple data erasure is recoverable and generally not secured. When your sensitive digital data becomes obsolete, it has to be destroyed properly and completely. EcoSage offers data erasure and storage media destruction services onsite at your facility or after transport to our locations.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody controls ensure all assets are securely managed and tracked through each step of the ITAD process. EcoSage takes care of your IT asset disposition processes by logging the evidences such as paper trail and photo records in our ERP system, in compliance with your company policies and regulations.

Depending on your needs, this may include the following documents:

  • Identification and scanning of all necessary serial numbers for tracking purposes;

  • A recording of the time of disposition, and the method of disposition;

  • Identification of the individuals executing the procedure;

  • A video recording of the process;

  • A signed Certificate of Destruction proving compliance with relevant regulations.

Decommission & Asset Removal

Onsite hardware decommissions and serialized audits for office and data center environments are performed by our trained technicians.


EcoSage provides transparent tracking for every asset. Once the assets arrive at our processing center, they are audited and monitored throughout the disposition process. Storage media that weren't erased, degaussed or compacted at the client location are sanitized during processing. You may view processing milestones for your assets at any time by logging into our client portal, as well as processing reports once processing is complete. 


Assets that have residual market value are tested, graded and refurbished for resale, and their values will recover a portion of your disposition cost. EcoSage resells functional assets via a variety of retail, direct and wholesale channels for maximum value recovery.


EcoSage recycles assets that no longer have residual value. All drives and other data-bearing devices are shredded or destroyed to ensure complete data destruction. Our recycling processes are compliant with local and international regulations surrounding e-waste handling and certified to the highest environmental standards.


By partnering with EcoSage, sustainability will always be an integral part of product destruction solution. Recycling and upcycling options for the materials arising from the destruction process are always a higher priority in the drive to create sustainable destruction operation than the disposal.

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