IT Recycling

IT Recycling

With the fast evolving technology, most of the equipments are obsolete after using for a few years. Unless electronic wastes are disposed with care and responsibility, hazardous chemicals will be released and pollute the environment. EcoSage is professional and experienced in helping you to dispose this accumulated mass of equipment properly. We can securely dispose of your end of life IT equipments and electronics, while still contribute to safeguarding the environment.


EcoSage is a licensed regulated WEEE processor in Hong Kong, we handles the IT recycling processes in full compliance with local legislations, ISO14001 and ISO27001 international standards.

Industry Solutions

The breadth of the EcoSage portfolio makes us the leading in transforming obsolete electronic products with turnkey processing capability into environmental and economic benefits. Our expertise is ready to help you for the future, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Electronic OEMs

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Certificate & Reporting

At the end of the recycling process, a certificate will be issued to our client as a proof for the responsible and eco-friendly recycling. Clients may also obtain detailed reports from our portal.


By partnering with EcoSage, you'll make a greater impact and get total insight into your electronic recycling progress.

Our proprietary report gives you detailed metrics by waste type, time period and location and lets you understand your electronic recycling progress at a glance. Ultimately, we can find out how you can make a big difference to achieve sustainability cost effectively.

How to Recycle Computers


Step 1

When you have IT equipments needed to be disposed of, you can contact us for immediate enquiry. Our IT specialists will provide quotations based on your specific needs in IT recycling.


Step 2

Once the details are confirmed, EcoSage will arrange for the logistics to our in-house processing centre. Our secured logistics includes "always manned" and "non-stop direct logistics". Depending on your needs, you can also login to our portal to keep track on the transfer status of the recycling items.


Step 3

The collected items will be sorted into different categories and registered so that the whole recycling process becomes traceable and transparent.


Step 4

Our trained technician will disintegrate the items in accordance to ISO14001 certified processing procedures to assure the whole process complies with environmental regulations.

Material Recovery

Step 5

Components with values in the residual market will be processed accordingly, in order to minimize the cost from the client.

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