Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Information is crucial for a business to succeed, but unintended leakage of sensitive data from the disposal of old IT equipment can damage your company's reputation and even induce a huge loss. 

In our many years’ experience in information management, EcoSage understand the security and legal necessities for proper disposal of data. We offer a complete WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) destruction service. We can securely collect, shred and recycle all kinds of electronic waste, including hard drives, flash storage, memory cards and laptops.


How Data Destruction Work?


EcoSage are accredited to the highest standards as a security data destruction provider in Hong Kong and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Our license certifications and awards give confidence we are a trusted and responsible shredding company. We meet the highest standards available for our data destruction services. 

See our standards, certifications and accreditation detailed here

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On-Site & Off-Site Data Destruction

Depending on your needs, EcoSage provides solutions for on-site and off-site data destruction. By choosing EcoSage, you’re partnering with a security and environmental company that follows data destruction and eco-friendly best practices. No matter on-site or off-site, we handle all documents with a consistent chain of custody, resulting in a tightly controlled and well-documented destruction process.

On-site Data Destruction

“Destroy at your premises and convenience under your with”  

Secure onsite data destruction is an ideal solution for customer requiring the immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or royalty-based materials directly on-premises.                                                                

Destruction Option: Data Wiping, Degaussing, Crushing
Off-site Data Destruction

“Cost-effective destruction service for bulk quantity”

Secure, convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, secure offsite data destruction is an ideal solution for customer that need ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive and confidential data bearing media at our state-of-the-art, high capacity and controlled processing center.

Destruction Option: Data Wiping, Degaussing, Crushing

What are the options for secure data erasure?

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EcoSage offer high power on/off-site military grade degaussing service for magnetic devices. Magnetic hard-drives, tapes, storage devices and storage media are rendered completely inoperable after the  degaussing process.

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Data Wiping

EcoSage provide on/off-site data wiping by Blancco certified data erasure software. Every data erasure performed produces a Certificate of Erasure. It also ensures that the maximum residual value can then be sought for the resulting redundant IT assets.

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Physical Destruction

The storage media can also be destroyed physically by methods such as shredding and compacting. It is recommended to physically destroy the items after degaussing or data wiping. After physical destruction, the storage media can no longer be reused again.

Type of Media

Not only computers and servers store digital data, portable media, such as mobile phones, tokens, USB thumb drives, CDs and DVDs, as well as copier, printer and network device can contain data and sensitive configuration, when overlooked and left intact, may compromise company, client and employee privacy. 

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Backup Tapes

Tapes such as LTO, DDS, DLT can be either on-site or off-site degaussed, depending on client requirements, tapes can be shredded at our processing centre.

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Magnetic Hard Drives

EcoSage offers on-site and off-site erasure, crushing, degaussing and shredding solutions.

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Solid State Drives

Data erasure allows for reuse of the drives, while shredding of solid state drives offers a proven solution when clients do not want solid state drives reused or resold.

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Storage and Network Equipment

Hard drives of storage array or SAN storage on this equipment need to be destroyed by either degaussing or physical destruction. Like other data bearing devices, most network equipment store network IP address or other network configuration which make loophole in the IT security.

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Optical Discs

The most common destruction option for CD / DVD / Blu Ray Disks belongs to the physical destruction by shredding where the materials are recycled after their destruction.

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Mobile Devices

Shredding provides organizations with an additional measure of confidence that the information stored on these items is safely destroyed. Memory from mobile devices can be erased for remarketing or destroyed through shredding if reuse is not desired.

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Office Equipment

Advanced office equipment, including printers, copiers, and scanners can be the source of unexpected digital data breaches. Very often these items are equipped with embedded hard drives and nonvolatile memory chips that retain data until that data is destroyed.

Chain of custody

Chain of Custody controls ensure all products are securely managed and tracked through each step of the destruction process. We have invested in technology and ERP system to ensure that your products are tracked throughout their journey. Our end-to-end tracking system makes use of barcode scanning at every stage as well as GPS-tracked vehicles.

Depending on your needs, this may include the following documents

  • Identification and scanning of all necessary serial numbers for tracking purposes;

  • A recording of the time of disposition, and the method of disposition;

  • Identification of the individuals executing the procedure;

  • A video recording of the process;

  • A signed Certificate of Destruction proving compliance with relevant regulations.


To secure your precious data and avoid data breaching, EcoSage uses non-stop direct logistics to minimize the duration for transportation. In addition, our vehicles are always manned to ensure all of your data are safe before proper destruction.

Certificate and Reporting

At the end of the data destruction process, a certificate will be issued to our client as a proof for secure data destruction. Clients may also obtain detailed reports from our portal.


By partnering with EcoSage, you’ll make a greater impact and get total insight into your electronic recycling progress arising from the data destruction tasks. Our proprietary report gives you detailed metrics by waste type, time period and location and lets you understand your electronic recycling progress at a glance. Ultimately, we can find out how you can make a big difference to achieve sustainability cost effectively.

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